Startup Businesses prefer virtual offices

In the last 5 years in the state of Colorado, the number of startup businesses has skyrocketed. As a sign of the continually improving economy, there are now more small businesses or locally owned businesses than ever before. It may be a sign of the economy or just the trademark of a new and younger generation entering the workplace, but more and more people are striking out to follow their dreams and do what makes them happy as opposed to simply finding a job to pay the bills and wishing they were doing something else.

An interesting side effect of all of these newer and smaller businesses is that there is a lower demand for traditional office spaces in the cities. This is likely due to the fact that many small businesses or startups simply do not have the funds available to ante up the high lease amounts that a large office building will require. Instead, they choose to work out of their homes or out of their car and they make do with the resources that are available to them. Because so many people are opting out of the traditional office model, they are finding that their needs are better met with the services of a virtual office. A virtual office offers many of the same benefits and services that are available through a traditional office, but they are available in an ala carte format, and typically are much more financially friendly to the new business owner.

The Office Evolution is one such company that offers office services to the business person that can help them make doing business easier. They can rent out office space or conference rooms for as little as 15 minutes at a time, making themselves available to people that need an area to make important business calls or to have an important conference with a client or another employee. If they want to make a good impression on a client or make sure that they are giving off a professional and capable image, then a shared office space can be a great solution for them.

These shared office spaces are also great networking sites, as they bring together many other business people that are in similar situations as they are. Since they are likely working alone or on the road, this can give them an opportunity to interact with other professionals and create a sense of community.

A virtual office can also offer virtual reception services and mailing services to help give a new business that professional edge. Instead of having all of their client phones calls go directly to their own cell phone, they can direct them first to the virtual receptionist who will answer and screen their calls for them. Then the virtual receptionist can forward the appropriate calls to the professional. Mailing services give a business person an office address that they can list on their business cards and allows them to have a professional address to receive and send their mail from.


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