Why “Ohana” is a value you need in a co-working space.

There are a lot of different types of businesses and companies out there, and the unfortunate consequences of this overly capitalist and competitive model is that all too often we are in direct conflict with the people around us. There are so many wonderful things about a market that allows the best to rise to the top, and for consumers this often https://www.officeevolution.com/locations/greenwood-villageallows them to select the very best of the things that they would like to choose from. However, this competition can breed negativity and this negativity can spread into the crevices of our beings and create rifts that need not be there. Instead of allowing this kind of negativity to pervade our everyday lives, we need to be able to stop and give each other a little more support and positivity. This kind of team work mindset is one that we would do better to include in all aspects of our lives, not just in the working world. The team at Office Evolution Greenwood Village believes in this idea that we should all be supporting each other and working together in more positive and supporting ways. Why must we always be in competition, why can’t we create a community of people who support each other. They believe in and have built their business on the Hawaiian value of “ohana”, which means that “we are all in this together.” It is used to describe a group of people working together towards a common cause with a common ideal. This idea of a group driving towards the same thing without the negativity of competition is a powerful idea, especially when it comes to fruition within the confines of a co-working space. 

Why is “ohana” something that should be a part of a shared office space culture? Why is it something that should be considered an important value? It is an interesting idea when you consider the function of and the purpose that a shared office space has. This is most often a space where people who are working outside the confines of a traditional work environment find refuge and support. It is often a place where people who are growing new businesses and new ideas can make a space for themselves without having to work from home or work from a coffee shop to get a new idea off the ground. In other words, the use of a virtual office is all about driving towards a new idea or a new perspective. All the people who use coworking spaces are, in one way or another, linked in this way. They all are doing something different than the rest, and in this shared sense of being outside the norm, they are able to come together and to create a space and a community that can support each other while also allowing each individual to flourish in his or her own goals. This is the beauty of a shared office space that keeps the values of “ohana” in mind. It means that people can feel safe and supported in their work environment, and isn’t that what we all want?


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